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I have to admit, I was a little apprehensive about hiring a
subcontractor to do our carpentry work. Typically, we use our own guys.
The Summit of Mendota Heights project presented a number of challenges
that made the decision to shed the risk an easy one to make. In less 
than a year, we demolished two commercial buildings, imported 225,000
cubic yards of fill, and carved two large ponds out of solid bedrock,
while at the same time framing 27 customized twinhomes in a seamless
production schedule. The challenges posed by chaotic site conditions and
an ultra-aggressive schedule were met head-on by Doug Speedling

DSB has made an invaluable partner. They’ve embraced our Design-Build
approach and illustrated a great deal of flexibility. They are safe and
honest company that is dedicated to building quality homes. Since
starting the Summit project, we have used DSB on two other projects with
the same result.

Kirk Pennings, Associate Project Manager

Opus Northwest Construction, LLC


We have hired a few Framing Contractors over the coarse of the last
two years. Our goal was to find a Framing Contractor with an eye for
Quality , taking the time to address the attention to detail that is
needed for the type of home we build. It’s also nice to have a
Contractor that shows up to the job site on time, every day and
completes their work on time and on budget. We found this and more with
Doug Speedling Builders.

Tom Sand, Production Manager

Meadowcroft Homes, LLC

"The service from Doug Speedling Builders for our project The Crossing
in Northfield, MN has been remarkable. Their staff has been helpful in
finding and suggesting changes to the construction drawings and timely
with processing shop drawings and change requests throughout the

Jeffrey Cole, Project Manager

Mendota Homes, Inc.


"Doug Speedling Builders and I have been proud building partners together
for over 20 years. Over that period of time we have built both a
professional working relationship as well as an unmatched personal
relationship with many people in their organization.

Over these 20 years, technology and building products have been
constantly changing. I feel Doug Speedling Builders has been at the
forefront using new products and techniques to constantly improve on
their quality and efficiency for both stick-framing and in panelizing.
Even today, they are putting in new and updated machines in their panel
shop to cut down on build time while still improving on their quality.

Their foremen along with all of their carpenters are constantly being
trained in all aspects regarding framing and trimming. I know a lot of
other contractors I have worked with over my 38 year building career
have a lot of specialized carpenters. Some companies have people that
can only frame panelized houses, or people that only specialize in doing
stairs. DSB constantly is training their people so they can do all
aspects of carpentry, and it shows in their finished product.

I would recommend Doug Speedling Builders as my first choice to anyone
looking to get a single-family, multi-family, or apartment building
framed and trimmed."

Tim Mathison, Director of Construction

Lennar Corp., St. Paul Division


"I have been working with Doug Speedling Builders as a building partner
for both framing and trimming for almost seven years. Over this period
of time we have developed an excellent working relationship.

I have worked with numerous other framing and trim contractors during
this time and none of them can match the quality, scheduling, and safety
of Doug Speedling Builders. Their framing and trimming foremen are
dedicated to always doing things right the first time while ensuring
safety at all times. I have yet to find any other trim carpenters that
can match the quality and still always meet their schedule.

I have used them to build both panelized and stick-framed buildings. The
quality and speed is always there. Their experienced workers have a
great deal of knowledge and integrity in their area of expertise. Their
panel shop is very efficient; they even have a machine that pre-cuts
stair stringers to increase their production while improving on quality
and reducing possible errors in the field.

Doug Speedling Builders would always be the first company I would call
to frame and trim any home I build."

Mike Lind, Sr., Construction Manager

Lennar Corp.



"Mendota Homes, Inc. would like to thank Doug Speedling Builders for the outstanding MNOSHA inspection. No
citations were issued during this inspection and we thank your crew for their efforts in providing a safe working environment."

Jeffrey Cole

Mendota Homes Inc.

"I am pleased to be able to offer a testimonial regarding Doug Speedling
Builders, Inc.

In my course of work as a project manager, I frequently find myself
comparing the strengths and weaknesses of sub-contractors on a daily
basis. If all subcontractors operated on a level of professionalism and
integrity of Speedling, I would have a much easier job. I have found
they are reliable, on time, on budget, and if asked to do so, willing to
make modifications on the fly with care and regard for the bottom line
of the project.

I have often in the past, and will continue to give Doug Speedling
Builders, Inc. the highest recommendations in the marketplace."

Wesley S. McCune, Project Manager

DBA Architects