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Panelizing has become a very effective and efficient way to
construct a sturdy, well-built shell. In our shop, experienced panelizers pre-build walls using this construction method, and install exterior sheathing on the walls. In the shop we also pre-build staircases, dormers, fireplace chases, decks and porch floors and fly rafters for assembly on-site. We
cut and assemble bearing beams, and pre-cut all rim sheathing and insulation.

Before any project is started in the panel shop, we conduct a complete plan review, checking such
items as bearing points, truss lengths, door and window openings and rough openings for cabinetry to ensure that the building process goes smoothly and accurately.


In pricing out a plan, we try to “value-engineer” wherever possible to save the customer money and ensure they are getting the
best possible product for each step of the project. Pricing is guaranteed: When you get an estimate from Doug Speedling Builders, that’s the number that you pay unless there is a written change order documenting an approved change to the project.

Clients can rely on Doug Speedling Builders to handle the entire lumber process. We order the lumber, set delivery dates, and track order status. Prior to installation, we check all lengths and make sure the proper headers are in the right place to ensure accuracy and quality in each step of the building process.

Floor/Roof Truss Packages

It pays to shop around. At Doug Speedling Builders, we collect up to three truss prices for your project to ensure the best price for the customer. We make sure the truss company is providing a package that is the most economical and efficient for field application.

Frame and Trim

We set our projects on a schedule and do what it takes to meet or exceed the schedule. You can count on our staff of experienced framers for quality construction and excellent service every step of the way. We have a low turnover rate and employees often work with us year after year. So you are assured of a level of experience and dedication often not found in the construction industry.

By providing the opportunity for regular continuing education programs, we make sure our employees are up to date with the latest quality carpentry techniques, tools and processes. Safety is also critical to our business and our people, and we hold our employees accountable to the highest safety standards.


Doug Speedling Builders has the tools to get the job done, from hand tools to heavy equipment with trained and skilled operators. Currently we have 14 fork lifts, 1 boom lift, 3 tower cranes and 1 mobile crane, plus job site trailers, all necessary hand and power tools, and all necessary safety equipment.

Fork lifts are available for rental with or without an operator. Our truck crane is available for rental with an operator.